Going back to the future

286hFollowing up from my previous post about Europe leading the world in sustainable living, here’s another article of a new innovative way of living.

How about taking the idea of “net zero” homes in a community to making  a “net zero” community itself ? What a fantastic idea !! This community, being built 20 minutes outside Amsterdam, will have its own food and energy sources.

As much as I like this idea, I can see that this would work only in a community of like-minded people who can co-ordinate the efforts to maintain the food and energy sources together and ensure there is no over-consumption of food or energy by one family.

That being said, instead of having this only for new developments, how about like-minded people in an existing neighborhood pool together to create such a “net zero” community? With enough co-ordination and management, I am sure this can be done. I feel like it almost takes us back to when we used to live (and in some places, still do) in small villages where there was a communal well and one source of energy for the village.

Would you want to be part of such a “net zero” community ?

Source: This New Neighborhood Will Grow Its Own Food, Power Itself, And Handle Its Own Waste | Co.Exist | ideas + impact


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