A simple way to conserve energy ?


As new technologies continue to evolve, they provide better and better options for us with higher efficiency.

In North America, as we start heading into the cooler parts of the year, the need for adequate heating within buildings (commercial and residential) rise and proportionally, our energy consumption and costs rise as well.

In the article referred to earlier, Vaclav closes with a interesting suggestion, how about reducing the size of our properties to only what is absolutely needed ? This would be an easy and simply way to reduce energy consumption.

From personal experience, I have lived in small apartments and I can definitely understand the need for more room as the family grows.

That being said, I do find that as you get more room, households usually tend to buy more stuff to fill that space which indirectly increases energy usage for manufacturing, shipping etc that stuff.

Do you think you would consider moving to a smaller house if you it would lead to energy savings ? Or would you feel “trapped in the small enclosure” ?


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