The Sound of Home Automation to Come

Picture of a sound speaker

The smart home accessories field is already crowded, but there are new players constantly entering this realm and redefining what’s possible and what’s to come. Some are even disguised as home entertainment, but with a little ingenuity, they can pack a powerful punch.

Take the Amazon Echo, perhaps the smartest speakers you will come across today. Recently launched in the UK, it has been available in the US for over a year. Equipped with the Alexa Voice Service, this device does not just play you music from your favorite apps, it listens to your voice commands and can read to you your audio books, the news, weather and traffic. It can even order you food and the kicker…it can control your light switches and thermostats! There is a lot more to be said for these home automation functions including how to expand their capability and how the competitive landscape is shaping up.

Hold on to your seat. The future is only going to move faster!



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